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Hi, I’m Damian Samolej.

I create, design and code digital products and I truly enjoy being a part of interesting and innovative projects. I’m passionate about almost everything related to the Internet and new technologies.

It all started when I got my first computer and believe me it was a long time ago. I couldn’t sleep thinking how to create my own computer game, so I spent many nights studying programming, 3D graphics, and all other things related to it. When the Internet sneaked into my live I built extremely complicated website with tables and I put animated gifs wherever I could. Yes, I was very proud of it.

Damian Samolej

The urge to develop my skills made me choose studies connected with the Internet and all its possibilities. Eventually, I was granted the title of Master of E-business and Business Management. Since the beginning of my professional career I have worked as:

After working for several companies as a full-timer I decided to make use of my skills and experience and tried my hand at freelancing which resulted in:

creating the company NoBorder Productions focused on innovative digital products

creating new technologies and developing WordPress solutions with superheroes in XWP

helping startups and already established companies to be successful in the online world

Here are some of the companies that decided to put their trust in me: 
Axel Springer, Rogers, Postmedia Network, Porsche, GoldenSubmarine, eXant, Honda, Fancy, Palace Cinemas, Tufts University, Media Markt and many more.

I find inspiration in music by playing the guitar. I also enjoy reading sci-if and fantasy books, playing computer games and follow the latest technology news. I love challenges and I am constantly looking forward to learning new things.

Feel free to drop me a line via e-mail or Twitter whenever you need advice, assistance, development help or simply say hello.

Drop me a line